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Monthly Archives: April 2006


This week saw us building shelters in Brabyns Park. As usual, a the lads enjoyed themselves running round the woods, finding materials for their shelters. We marked the sixes on their shelters, based around how good they looked, and how well they managed to fit all the members of their six inside. The results were: […]

Cane Pyramid Racing

Tonight’s activity was Cane Pyramid Racing. First, the sixes built a Pyramid out of canes. They then hung a plastic cup from the centre, which was filled to the brim with water. They then raced each other round the Park, with the winners being the first six back with the most water. It was a […]

Guliver’s World

Yesterday was the annual Goyt District Cubs outing. This year we went to Guliver’s World in Warrington. Ten Cubs and four Leaders from Bradshaw joined around 90 other Goyt Cubs and Leaders on the trip. Although the weather was horrible – it rained on and off all day, and was quite cold – a good […]