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Monthly Archives: July 2006

Cub Island

Cub Island is a new section of the Official UK Scout Association’s website aimed at the Cub Scout Section. It’s got a few interactive items, and some wallpapers and screensavers that can be downloaded. It also provides easy links to exiting Scoutbase resources for leaders.

Summer Camp – Barnswood 2006

This year’s summer camp was at Barnswood near the Rudyard Reservoir. The theme for the camp was The Jungle Book. The weather was fantastic, and a good time was had by all. The lads were able to complete three badges during the weekend, the Outdoor Challenge, the Communicator badge, and the Camper badge.

Last Meeting

Last night we played a few games, and did a Scavenger Hunt. Last night was also the last meeting before our summer break. The next meeting will be on Monday 11th September.

The Scout Association : Official UK 2007 Website

The Scout Association : Official UK 2007 Website The above site is the Scout Association’s Official 2007 website where they are intending to post all manaer of interesting things in the run up to our Centenary, and thoughout next year.

Cooking on Open Fires

This week we all went outside and did a spot of cooking on open fires. Nothing flash, just a few burgers. Only one more meeting until we break up for summer.